Upcoming Shop Guest Artists

In lieu of Katie's upcoming maternity leave we will be featuring multiple gifted tattoo artists from all around the US.  As artists continue to confirm dates we will constantly update our various media outlets.  But as for now here is what we know so far...

Jason Boyer September 13th-17th - @nerve_city  jsnboyer@yahoo.com

Murray Sell September 20th-23rd - @murraysell  murrayftw@gmail.com

Feel free to check out each Instagram portfolio and if your interested in setting up time with any of the upcoming artists.  Please feel free to reach out to them thru there provided email address.  Thanks for your time and if you have any general questions please don't hesitate to contact the shop.  CHEERS!

Exciting NEWS!! Please Read Ahead

As some of you may know, Katie Davis and Fred Pinckard are expecting their first child this July.  With that being said Katie will not be taking on any new projects for the time being, wrapping up her schedule at the end of June.  Stay tuned to our media outlets for updates in regards to her return.  And feel free to send your congrats to her and Fred if you wish--It's exciting for EVERYONE.

You can find us on:

Instagram (@salvationtattoo)

Facebook (@salvationgallery)

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Guest Artist Ishmael "Ish" Johnson - February 5th - 7th

We are lucky to announce that Ishmael Johnson will be guest spotting here at Salvation February 5th - 7th.  If your interested in getting some time in with him please feel free to contact him directly or give the shop a call.  His work can can viewed under his handle @ishmaeljohnson on Instagram.  If you have any questions please feel free to reach out.

New Merchandise Available

We are fully stocked again with our new shirt design.  We have Teeshirts, Baseball Tees, and Zipper Hoodies ranging from Small to XXL.  Feel free to swing thru or order online while we still have a full stock.  These would go great to bring in the upcoming seasons.  No better way to stay warm on these cold nights than with some new Salvation merchandise.  

New Website

The new website is up and running, with some new features that make things run smoothly.  All of the artist portfolios have been updated, the store is stocked and things are ready to roll.  We've added a Newsletter to the website, if you're interested in hearing what's new with us, upcoming guest artists or convention listings, please sign up on the contact page.  So with all of that being said, enjoy the new website, if you have any questions (other than pricing) give us a shout.